About Us

We deal with Ethnic Indian products which are totally Eco-friendly.  As the name Swadesi means, its all about our land India and the products of India. We deal with Jute & Banana fibre products, Khadi and Organic Cotton Garments and Eco  Yoga Mats  &  Accessories.

The  Jute & Banana fibre products are  made out of jute and Banana plant and processed into fabrics and then designed into bags of different styles to suit different people for different occasions and also according to our buyers specifications.

The   Khadi and Organic Cotton Garments are dyed in natural dyes. T- shirts, shorts , pants, Kurthas, pajamas, underclothes, napkins, nightwear's, are all naturally dyed clothing dyed with a recipe of Indian herbs with medicinal properties which help increase concentration ,cool the body and ease skin irritation.  Arugampul, pomegranate skin, henna, neem bark with healing properties are used for dying. The clothes are designed with a tight fit for a close body contact with the herbs for better results. Khadi kurtas studded with original Spatikam  (cooling agents), Rudhraksha beads and Birth stones are also available.  The T- shirts and khadi kurtas can also be used as  a casual wear .

 Eco Yoga Mats   for Meditation and Yoga are also available in kora grass ,naturally dyed mats and jute yoga mats with anti skid latex base.  Mats  made of Dharbapul, a variety of grass associated with the planet kethu,  helps in deep concentration due to its cosmic radiation while meditation or while practicing asanas or pranayama.  Mentioned in the bhagawat gita  6th chapter 11th sloka the norms of meditation the use of  this sacred grass. The Eco-mats are  designed in different counts and texture and colours . It can be used as yoga mats, mattress, table mats, prayer mats and are available in different shapes and sizes and also made to order on specification. The Jute mats are suggested  for people who have back pain and sinus related problems.