Jute  and Banana Fibre

Jute, popularly known as the golden fiber, is truly an Eco-friendly and one of the most versatile fibers. It is also incorporated with high tensile strength.

We deal with the finest quality of Jute bags made from natural jute fabric in off white, natural or other colours with various types of handles, such as Bamboo, Cane, Cord, Rope, Jute etc. 

Banana and Kora grass fibres used in various forms for home and office use.

Our product range is as follows :

  • Shopping Bags

  • Wine Bags

  • Promotional / Gift Bags

  • Advertising Bags

  • Christmas Bag / Fancy Bags

  • Name Boards

  • Calendars

  • Storage Box

  • Cushion covers

  • Laundry Baskets

  • Waste Box

  • Office file folders and holders

  • Other types of bags according to designs and specification of our buyers.