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The handspun cotton, known as Khadi is of special significance to Indians. Gandhi elevated the fragile thread of cotton  as a symbol of strength, and self-sufficiency and to employment for the millions during India's freedom struggle, and that symbolism of wearing cloth made by human hands has continued till this day. 

Khadi - or cloth made from hand spun yarns, is the  fabric of India. In this millennium the fact that this fabric is still woven, used and processed is a pride for India and has also reached the global market. Khadi fabrics are spun in a combination of cotton and silk.

The   Khadi and Organic Cotton Garments   are dyed in natural dyes. T- shirts, shorts , pants, Kurthas, pajamas, underclothes, napkins, nightwear's, are all naturally dyed clothing dyed with a recipe of Indian herbs with medicinal properties which help increase concentration ,cool the body and ease skin irritation.  Arugampul, pomegranate skin, henna, neem bark with healing properties are used for dying. The clothes are designed with a tight fit for a close body contact with the herbs for better results. Khadi kurtas studded with original Spatikam  (cooling agents) , Rudhraksha beads and Birth stones are also available.  The T- shirts and khadi kurtas can also be used as  a casual wear ..  We use hand and machine embroidered designs for our garments with wooden and coconut shell buttons. 

Our product range:

  • T-shirts & Shorts / Pants

  • Underclothes

  • Nightwear   

  • Baby clothes

  • Salwars and Kurtas for men and women

  • Indian & Western garments

  • Table covers, napkins

  • Bed covers

  • T- Shirts, shorts and pants

  • Underclothes

  • Baby clothes

  • Night wear